• BarrierCX series of isolating type of washing machine from our company are of adv anced standard ,well fabricated ,economical to operate, easy maintenance and of go od performance .The are widely used by hospital, food and pharmaceutical factories, nuclear power plants etc. where extreme dust-free and germ-free environmental re quirement for laundry room are needed. It is the ideal laundry equipment for such si tuation .
  • The filter remove impurities, particles, pigment, ensure clean solvent, avoid dyeing, blockage.
  • High-speed fan, speed up the drying and cooling rate.
  • Safety door interlock system.
  • Our newly designed GF-CXseries isolating type of washing and de-watering machin es meet the requirement of gem-free, dust-free, anti-static washing needs. With isolating type of washing equipment and wall partition, it divides the laundry room into t wo separate independent operating areas, viz “Clean” area and “Non-clean”area. Lau nderettes will be loaded into the washing machine through the door from the “Non-c lean”room side. After washing, unloading will be from the “ Non-clean”room pollutin g the “clean”room .Thus it prevents the clean undergraduette from being contamina ted and infected again.


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