Triglobalmandiri.com started its business since 2009 started by opening a laundry of hotel business in 2004 and formally a business entity of PT. Triglobal Mandiri Indonesia.

Trusted as a direct partner of the principal brands of USA, Europe and Asia, namely GOLDFIST (As the Sole Distributor in Indonesia), IPSO (as Master Dealer) and RENZACCI (as official partner)

[tabgroup_vertical title=”About Triglobal Mandiri Indonesia”]

[tab title=”Our Skills”]

With more than 10 years experience as laundry on kilo’s practitioner, laundry unit and laundry Hotel.
triglobalmandiri.com strengthens the organizational structure by recruiting experts who are experienced in their field.


[tab title=”Our Goals”]

Our company’s goals are in line with the company’s mission:
Improved human resources as well as providing the best value to consumers, employees, company owners and the environment.


[tab title=”Why Choose Us”]

If you want to be a laundry entrepreneur or want to shop for laundry items
such as machinery, equipment, equipment, chemical, chemical spoting & spare part, come to Triglobal Mandiri Indonesia


[tab title=”Our Office”]

Where can you visit triglobalmandiri.com?
Do not worry. our store stores can be easily found at the address on this website and you can visit our Google Map.


[tab title=”Promo Program”]

We are always at different levels with others and we always provide the best promos for our existing and new clients.
Pamper our loyal customers with a member card with cash back benefits and other interesting promos.